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Frigoríficos Rosa de los Vientos, S.L., is a company located in the Port of Marín, specialising in Galician seafood products. It was founded in 1991 by Mr Manuel Otero Patiño and Ms Mercedes González, both of whom have over fifty years of professional experience in the fishing sector.

Although octopus is the flagship of “Rosa de los Vientos”, we also market other products such as octopus fumet (cooking water), mussels, clean squid and jumbo squid.

Our origins go back generations: the founder’s grandmother Mercedes González sold dried octopus to the USA and Japan. Manuel Otero (founder) is a native of Ons Island, home of the best Galician octopus.


Frigoríficos Rosa de Los Vientos is certified with the ISO 9.001 and ISO 14.001 standards, two seals that guarantee the quality of the entire range of marketed products.

In addition, we have quality certificates from the brands “PescadeRías, de onde de non?” and “Galicia Calidade” promoted by the Xunta de Galicia.


Production and marketing of fresh and frozen products

At Frigoríficos Rosa de los Vientos we are dedicated to the production of fresh and frozen products, paying special attention to quality throughout the entire process.

We have many years of professional experience in the sector. Our headquarters, located in Puerto de Marín (Pontevedra, Spain), has modern facilities with the most advanced technology in production, processing and freezing.

Refrigeration chambers, freezing tunnels and cephalopod cookers for third parties

In our continuous growth, we have refrigeration chambers for cold rental, cephalopods cookers and freezing tunnels, all equipped with the most modern technology.

“O Pulpeiro”, our brand

One of our most recognised brands on the market, which you can find on the shelves of your supermarket, is ‘O Pulpeiro’. A highlight of the products manufactured and marketed under the brand is cooked octopus (frozen and pasteurised).




Ms Mercedes Gonzalez and Mr Manuel Otero founded Frigoríoficos Rosa de los Vientos in their hometown (Bueu), initially dedicated to the processing and deep-freezing of octopus caught on the Island of Ons (National Park Illas Atlánticas de Galicia).


New facilities

Move to the new facilities located in the Port of Marín (Pontevedra). Modern facilities with the most advanced technology in production, processing and freezing.

Rosa de los Vientos en Marin


Pasteurised line

In 2010, we launched the new pasteurised production line. With it, we released products such as cooked octopus legs and cooked jumbo squid.



Blue Economy Awards

Frigoríficos Rosa de Los Vientos is nominated at the Blue Economy Awards, created that same year by the Sea Department (Conselleria do Mar) to recognise the outstanding projects subsidised within the aid granted under the participatory local development strategies (EDLP in Spanish).



Octopus Croquettes

As a result of the innovation works carried out by the company, in 2019 we released “octopus croquettes” on to the market.



Octopus Ice Cream

As a result of the innovation works carried out by the company, in 2021 we released “octopus ice cream” on to the market in collaboration with the company La Central Heladera in Ourense.


Excellence in Innovation Awards for Rural Women

Frigoríficos Rosa de los Vientos awarded with the ‘silver’ prize at the “Excellence in Innovation Awards for Rural Women” in the ‘Excellence in innovation in the fishing or aquaculture activity’ category. These awards are organised annually by the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food.

Premios a la Excelencia a la Innovación para mujeres Rurales

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