About us

Since its creation in Bueu, the company founded by Mercedes Gonzalez and Manuel Otero in 1991 has been growing year by year, always based on innovation and product quality.

We are specialists in the processing and deep-freezing of cephalopods, especially octopus and squid.


Outstanding Products

Raw octopus

(Octopus Vulgaris)

Frozen in cardboard boxes. No additives or preservatives.

More info

Whole cooked octopus

(Octopus Vulgaris)

Octopus cooked in the shape of a flower and deep-frozen. Whole without preservatives.More info

Cooked octopus in slices

(Octopus Vulgaris)

Packaged in 250-gram trays. No tips or heads. More info

Cooked octopus legs

(Octopus Vulgaris)

Pasteurised without the head.More info

Octopus croquettes

(Octopus Vulgaris)

Octopus croquettes frozen and ready to fry.More info

Jumbo squid (legs)

(Dosidicus Gigas)

IQF (Individually Quick Frozen) jumbo squid.More info

Our Story

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