Supplier Assessment

One of the targets that Frigoríficos Rosa de los Vientos, S.L. sets as a daily challenge is the continuous improvement of its ability to provide its customers a better service and assistance.

As a working formula to achieve this target, Frigoríficos Rosa de los Vientos, S.L. has implemented a management system based on the ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:15 and ISO 45001:18 International Standards.

The ability of the suppliers is of vital importance to fulfil the requirements to which Frigoríficos Rosa de los Vientos, S.L. commits with its customers; that is why one of the System requirements establishes the need to assess and select its suppliers according to their ability to fulfil the commercial commitments they establish with this company.

The selection of suppliers is made according to the following criteria:

Initial Assessment.

  • The first assessment of suppliers is carried out based on the organisation’s historical information.
  • New suppliers and/or suppliers of new products and/or services are assessed by the Management as to their ability to supply satisfactory products/services.

Suppliers of fishery products must have a Health Registration number, a copy of which will be requested for the company’s records.

The outcome of these assessments will take into account factors such as the following:

  • Having a system certified by an independent company or that conveys guarantees of working under established quality criteria.
  • Being a historical supplier for the company.
  • The analysis conducted by Management in those cases in which the supplier’s facilities are visited.
  • Samples of the Product or Service.
  • Previous experience with similar products or services.
  • Compliance with deadlines, reliability of deliveries, etc.

The Integrated System department keeps records of the performance of these assessments. Suppliers who are suitable after this initial assessment will be included in the management programme and a Supplier File will be opened for them, where any incidents occurring from that moment onwards will be recorded. If a supplier has any serious or very serious incident, it will be blocked in the system until it is satisfactorily re-assessed.

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