Bueu Octopus Fair

The Bueu Octopus Fair has once again become one of the most popular gastronomic festivals in Galicia. Over the last three days, thousands of people have come to the grounds of La Estacada to taste this exquisite product from our estuaries.

The octopus, in addition to its best-known variant, the pulpo á feira (Galician octopus), was prepared by the organisers in twenty different ways during this eighteenth edition of the festival.

The varieties cost between €5 and €8.50, depending on the portion, and were offered by Frigoríficos Rosa de los Vientos.

Rosa de los Vientos offered octopus in wheat empanadas, octopus in corn empanadas, Galician octopus croquettes, octopus and rice, broad beans with octopus, Galician octopus pâté, grilled octopus with boiled potatoes, octopus fried in Aires de Jaén olive oil, Galician octopus, and octopus in a fish stew.

The festival also featured an extensive programme of accompanying activities, including performances by the Manxadoira Pipe Band and the group Pelepau from Vigo.

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