Brothy rice stew with octopus by Pepe Ribagorda

We leave you with a recipe from Pepe Ribagorda’s blog, Las cosas del comer, in which he cooks a brothy rice stew with octopus from Rosa de los Vientos. Enjoy!

Today I bring you a recipe that I have never made before, but I had been advised to try it and it was a great success. Brothy rice stew with Galician octopus. A rice dish with intense flavour that I’m sure you will cook more than once. I have used an octopus from the Galician Estuaries that you will recognise in the markets by the quality seal of ‘PescadeRías ¿de onde se non?’.

This is a seal of identity for the promotion and defence of fish and seafood from traditional fishing and shell fishing. A brand that emerged from the Sea Department (Consellería do Mar) of the Galician Regional Government in 2008, with the idea that these products can be clearly distinguished within the varied offer presented by an increasingly globalised market.

The requirements for pescadeRías products guarantee that they are caught a maximum of 24 hours before being auctioned at the fish market, that they are caught using selective fishing methods (small-scale gear, purse seine, shell fishing on foot and afloat or extraction of specific species (goose barnacle, razor clam and pod razor, etc.)). Trawling is not included in the mark. Respecting the environment, with sustainable techniques.

They guarantee the Extra Freshness Category at the time of labelling before the auction. They do not use any chemical preservatives or artificial additives. It is important that we always pay attention to the labelling and that it is really of the quality and origin we are looking for when we buy Galician octopus or seafood.

Here is the recipe:


400 grams of cooked Galician octopus (four legs), vacuum packed

‘O Pulpeiro’ fumet (Galician octopus cooking water)

1 onion

2 garlic cloves

1 green pepper

1 red pepper

2 peeled tomatoes

1 glass of quality medium white wine

6 cups of white rice


Sweet paprika


1 bay leaf


Chop the vegetables and soften them in a saucepan. Add the glass of quality medium white wine and let the alcohol evaporate.

Add the rice (the measure I use is one cup of rice per person, for two cups of fumet), stir then add the fumet.

I have used a commercially available fumet to make this and other recipes. They bottle the broth from cooking the octopus, without preservatives, gluten or colouring agents. A fumet that gives the rice an excellent flavour and the characteristic colour of cooked octopus.

Leave the rice to cook for 20-25 minutes and before removing it, cut the octopus with a good pair of scissors and add it to the rice.

Mix it into the rice, remove from the heat and leave to stand covered with a piece of kitchen towel or newspaper for about 5 minutes.

A simple recipe with the quality guarantee of the products we are using and perfect for enjoying with family or friends.


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